Language courses


Free testing

On the first day we will determine the level of the applicant’s knowledge. This is done by taking a test and by interviewing the applicant. Based on these results, the student will be placed in the course level that suites him or her the best. This initial evaluation of knowledge is free to the applicant.

There are six general course levels, from the beginners through to the most advanced one. The seventh course level is a conversational one. General courses consist of: grammar, spelling, pronunciation, listening, conversation, reading and writing.


Group classes

Each group consists of 5-8 students. This size of group provides the best learning atmosphere. Students take an active part in learning by interacting with each other and with the teacher. Due to all of these qualities and the dynamics of the class, the class is on a higher level. The time for taking the class is pre-set. Each semester consists of 60 classes. Every course level has two semesters.

In addition, every group student can sign up for as many individual classes as he or she wants. However, there will be an additional charge for these classes.


Individual classes

For each individual, the semester will consist of 50 classes. Each course is customized to fit the need of each individual student, and to benefit each student the most.



After every semester you have to pass exam, and at the end of second semester you will have finals as well. After successfully finishing finals you will get a diploma for the level of course that you have finished. The diploma will describe how many hours you took during the course, the course level, the methodology of teaching used, and the titles of the books used  for the lectures and exercises.

In order to take the final exam and to get his or her diploma the student must attend 80 % of the classes.

International exams

"Alfa and Omega" language school could prepare you for internationally well known Cambridge exams like: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS, TOEFEL, etc, and for Goethe Institut exams like: ZD, ZMP, ZOP, DFB. List of our students who passed these exams by taking our classes is displayed at our school.