The Arabic language

Is your first thought when you see Arabic letters “I couldn’t learn how to write them?”

Do you think when you listen to how the language sounds that it is not polished and not articulate enough? You are right that the language is nothing close to any other language, but if you think that the letters can't be inviting, you are mistaken. With this class you could learn how to write and pronounce every word very easily.

Would you be able to do your job easier and would you stand out if you could start learning the Arabic language? Will this help you to get a job and work abroad in some Arabic countries?

Do you travel to any Arabic countries on business, or for pleasure?

Do you intend to visit your friends who speak this language?

Do you plan to adventure into the desert in any Arabic country?

Do you plan to enrich your life with another challenge?

Join us to discover the secrets and beauty of this exotic language. You will be surprised with the sound of this very popular and the most importantly, still in use, Semitic language. From Iraq to Morocco, from Syria to Sudan, this century’s old language, and baits for Islamic culture and religion, has influenced Islamic and other languages in Asia, Africa and Europe. Due to Serbia being under the rule of the Turks for such a long period of time, this language has become part of our culture as well, especially in some parts of Serbia. Most Turkish words that we use in everyday language come from Arabic language and it would be exciting to discover their origin.

If you are familiar with the language and need to revive and enhance you conversational skills this will be a good place to do it with a Professor of Arabic language who had opportunity to use his knowledge of this language while he worked in Arabic countries.